Replaced 2 circuit breakers at 8 pm on a Friday evening.

“When I turned on the breaker for the water heater, the Main Circuit Panel started arcing. At that point, turning the water heater back off off did not resolve the problem, still arcing, so I had to cut the main breaker to the house. I called A-Team, who have done good work for me before, and they interrupted their planned evening out, came over promptly, identified and corrected the problem within 1/2 hour. Without their attention and service, we would have lost our evening, the food in the freezer and refrigerator and had to hang around the following day (Saturday) to wait for someone to do the repair.

I have had neighbors tell me that the price of $185 is high for the time they spent on the job, but I disagree. They answered my call after hours and came right out. They brought the right supplies and fixed it right then. it is an absolute bargain compared to what we would have lost and the time we would have spent under any other scenario.

I absolutely recommend these folks.”


Excellent service, reliable,affordable and prompt.


He was prompt, got right to work. I had called him to do the fan and I mentioned I needed the TV mounted and he offered to do that for me.


Figured out & repaired a wring problem I had at my house. It went very well. I would recommend them to anyone.


Explained our needs and desires to Bud over the phone. He went out on schedule and confirmed that what was discussed would work and comply with regulations. I requested suggestions as to the best way to get the results I wanted and received thoughtful feed-back.

As scheduled, Bud and Brian did the work except for a string of lights on which the vendor had sent the wrong type.

I met with them as they were wrapping up the job and discussed future upgrades for our home.

I enjoyed the meeting and will go to them for jobs in the future.



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