The government is at it again, trying to regulate small businesses to death. We have been feeling the effects here at home. As a small business owner with a family, its tough to afford whats coming down the pike. Our health care cost are off the charts. Food costs are climbing.

It’s here folks! And probably here to stay. Todays market and economy are pushing alternative cost saving energy sources to a new high. However be warned! There are hundreds of emerging solar panel instalation companies in the north georgia area that know a little bit about solar energy and a little about electrical wiring but have no clue about safe work practices or optimal instalation of the product.

Over loaded outlets/ Tripping GFCI? This time of year is the number one season for house fires. How many Christmas lights do you have plugged in to a single circuit? Not a single outlet but with-in the circuit that the outlet or outlets are tied to. There are a few signs that will tell you that you have too much plugged in. Is the end of the plug warm or hot to the touch? Does your GFCI device trip when you have the lights plugged in for any period of time? Does a circuit breaker trip after a certain period of time? Is this breaker warm?

An educated customer is my favorite customer. Today I will discuss the installation of various types of outdoor wiring. Many residential electrical contractors in N.E. Georgia (Cleveland & Lumpkin) are installing underground wiring in a manner that robs the customer of a quality product in order to make a few extra dollars. Customers need to be aware of the facts. First let’s talk methods.



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